far other side

How far can you go?

It all started as a

dumb internet joke:

“You stand somewhere, anywhere really, and your friend stands on the exact other side of the planet. 

If you both put a piece of bread on the ground at the same time, you’ve made a perfect Earth sandwich.

...but that got
stuck in my head.

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Turns out there's a name for it:



noun: antipode
the direct opposite of something else.
“the pole and its antipode”

The spot where you are right now and the spot on the exact opposite side of the Earth from where you are right now are ANTIPODES of each other.

Every place on this planet has its own unique antipode.

antipodes map
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Antipodes became
a weird obsession.

I just couldn't get them
out of my head!

  • What’s on the other side of the planet from the summit of Mount Everest? 


  • What about the Eiffel Tower, or the Golden Gate Bridge?

...or how about the antipode of the place that I was born?

And that one clicked,

so I've decided
to go there.

I think this is awesome for

three reasons:

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


It's the farthest distance you can travel without leaving the planet.

  • It's Really Far!
  • It's Really Rare!
  • This Is It


It’s just over 20,000 kilometers (about 12,500 miles) to the exact other side of the earth from where you are right this second.

Or, if you travel straight through the earth, it's around 12,800km (or about 8,000 miles) to your antipode.

That's farther than any single "Point-A-to-Point-B" journey on the planet!



A small handful of astronauts are the only apes among us – in all of ape history! – to have ever been further than 20,000km from where they were born.​



We, the humans of 2019, are probably the last generation of non-spacefaring humanity. Our children will likely explore space, and our grandchildren almost certainly will... but until someone is willing to build and sell us cheap personal spaceships, we're all trapped here.

(Looking at you, Elon Musk!)


IN FACT, most of the people that go to space only go as far as low Earth orbit (LEO). The International Space Station is only 408km (254 miles) away from the surface of the Earth – that’s less than the distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles!


Nobody has done it before!

As far as I can tell, nobody is on record as having traveled to the exact other side of the planet from where they were born.

  • Not Even Accidentally?
  • Also:
  • Making History?


Well, only about 7% of the landmass of the Earth has an antipode that is also on land, so it's pretty unlikely that anyone has gone to their antipode by accident.



Long-distance travel has only really been accessible for the past few hundred of the 200,000-odd years that homo sapiens have been around.



I'm not saying it's definitely a world record attempt or something, but it probably is in some way. That's not really the point though.


…but even if it turns out that someone else has done it before, I’m still doing it. Call it a life’s work, or a bucket list item, or an adventure – even if I’m not the first, it’s still worth doing.


YOU have an antipode!

We all do! For every geographic location of every happening of your life, including this moment right NOW, there is something (probably water) on the far other side of the planet.

  • A Personal Everest
  • It's All Yours

Your birth antipode is significant, even if you didn't realize it existed.

As a culture, we collectively declare certain places on Earth to be important destinations, locations for pilgrimages, or bucket-list spots... like the Grand Canyon, or Mecca, or the Berlin Wall.

Your birth antipode is one of those spots – it's the farthest you can travel in your lifetime without leaving the planet!


With the exception of people who were born in the same hospital, our antipodes are more or less unique to each of us.


I bet you want to know where your birth antipode is – SCROLL DOWN!

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Find Your Antipode!​

This tool will help. Choose any location on this map – the place you were born, your favorite sandwich shop, or simply where you are at this moment – and then scroll down. The second map below it will update to show the antipode of that location.

This next map reveals your antipode! hint: it’s most likely way out in the ocean somewhere – use the zoom buttons to zoom way out if all you see is blue.


I’m going to the FarOtherSide!

For the next 24-36 months, my mission is to accomplish the furthest voyage a human being can make in their lifetime without leaving the planet: I’m sailing to my birth antipode.

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